Our company's mission revolves around the services we provide. Allow us to showcase the value of what we do.

Welcome to Royal Oxford Global Properties and ROGP Capital - where ideas fuse with innovation and timeless achievements begin.

We are proud to be a national real estate investment group with multiple lending partners. With access to capital lenders, private funding groups, and private investors, we do our part to invest in and rebuild communities around the US and abroad. Our strength lies in our ability to provide solutions even for unique and unconventional opportunities in the real estate space. ROGP boasts of a rich history in real estate and land development, starting as a small family company and growing to become a real estate investing leader in North America. We take pride in valuing our clients and investors, and strive to provide extreme value and ownership in all we do. We can’t wait to help you reach your investment goals!

Innovative Solutions

At ROGP Capital, we stay ahead of the curve by monitoring all markets and trend movements. Our proprietary techniques are rigorously tested, ensuring maximum return on investment. Trust us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Creating Lasting Partnerships

For us, Partnership is not just another buzzword, it's a commitment to building bridges that last. With our unwavering attention firmly fixed on the bigger picture, we strive to earn your trust by being the ultimate solution to all your investing, funding, and portfolio sourcing needs.

Property & Project Capital Solutions

ROGP Capital offers our clients unparalleled flexibility with our private funding options, making us the top choice for those seeking capital lending opportunities. With quick closing times of just 15 days in some cases, we cover a variety of projects, including SFH fix and flips, multi-family, commercial, and land development projects.


Our mission is clear. At Royal Oxford Global Properties and ROGP CAPITAL we’re not just about success, we’re about impact. Our goal is to push the boundaries of the real estate industry by constantly seeking new ways to grow and create wealth for our clients. But it’s not just about profits, it’s about being a catalyst for change. We empower our clients to succeed by providing them with all the necessary infrastructure and tools to help them grow their business. Our passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our mission are what sets us apart. 

We know that reaching these goals requires a combination of creativity, empathy, innovation, and extreme ownership. Let’s make some magic!

Our commitment to integrity is at the core of everything we do.

This means being honest, prioritizing safety, giving back, and continuously seeking innovative and sustainable methods to accomplish our goals with excellence.

Our commitment to quality investment opportunities and capital will make your portfolio dreams come true.

We take great pride in putting our signature on every project we undertake by meeting the exact specifications and delivering profitable projects that last. Trust us - we take pride in investing in your success.

Commercial and Multifamily Private Lending


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