At the pinnacle of our game, highly trained professionals bring their experience, unparalleled knowledge of the local market, and a tenacious drive you won’t find elsewhere. Your project’s success is our unwavering promise to the community we serve. We won’t rest until we find a match that’s perfect for your business – it’s a commitment that we’re proud to make to our investors and partners.

Buy, Sell and Hold

Our investment approach is simple: we purchase distressed or non-distressed single-family homes, multi-family, and commercial properties throughout the nation. Our expertise lies in procuring and selling portfolio properties from private investors and hedge funds across various markets in the United States, ensuring that your investments are in good hands.

Capital Real Estate Funding

Our private lending solutions offer efficient funding solutions for most asset types across the nation. With our robust programs targeting rehabs, bridge, fix & flip, ABC, transactional funding, and portfolio buyouts, we can back projects ranging from $200K to $800M+. Get the funding you need with ease and efficiency, so you can focus on making your projects a success!

Buy, Sell and Hold - Commercial

Our investment portfolio boasts a unique blend of distressed and non-distressed residential, office, retail, and mix-use properties. To acquire these properties, we purchase commercial portfolios from hedge funds and private investors in diverse markets throughout the USA. With our expertise in the industry, we deliver profitable solutions to our clients.

Portfolio Liquidation Resource

Leveraging our expertise, top-notch partners, and vast resources, we have the prowess to tackle massive portfolios across 38 premier markets. Our discreet liquidation services and efficient exit strategies empower investors to chart a private path to success.

Joint Venture Facilitators

As expert investors, we're always on the lookout for new deals and promising development projects. Our know-how, combined with innovation and expertise, enables us to develop and transform promising projects into commercial, residential, office, retail, and mix-use properties that stand out from the crowd. We're also in the market for unfinished builder projects, and if you have a promising project in mind, we're open to explore new partnerships. Once development is complete, we're always happy to sell any of our exceptional properties.

Join the Investing Machine

We constantly seek opportunities to broaden our partner network. By joining our partner network you will attract a wealth of opportunity. Whether you're keen on making a group investment, securing a capital loan, or investing in a development deal, we cater to your needs. Don't hesitate to schedule a call and let's brainstorm ways to collaborate!