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Get ready to take your investments to new heights with ROGP Capital Lending Opportunities for 2023! Our innovative commercial private funding programs deliver prompt, efficient financing for serious investors. With our cutting-edge automated structure, we can customize private loans to fit your precise investment needs, whether it be for heavy construction or opportunistic value-added projects with short execution windows. At ROGP Capital Funding, we consider virtually all asset classes and situations because, just like you, we are investors. With 36 years of experience in cross-state commercial investing, we are the ultimate private lenders for the modern investor. Don’t wait any longer! Schedule a project consultation with us today or click on the loan button below to jump-start your current project. 

Direct Private Mortgage Lenders

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National Private Funding Network
☛ Markets We Serve

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Cash-Out Refinance

  • 1-4 Units and 5+ Units
  • Loan Amounts $100K-$20MM
  • Up to 90% LTV Purchase
  • Up to 75% LTV Refinance/ Cashout
  • Funding available in 48 States
  • Asset-Based Funding
  • Competitive rates
  • Rates start @ 5.25%
  • 12-36 Months * 5/1 ARM * 7/1 ARM * 30 Year
    Fixed or Interest Only
  • Quick closings
  • Lite Doc
  • No Junk fees
  • BRRRR Friendly

Refinance Your Multifamily
Investment Property Today!!!

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☛ Fix & Flip or Hold

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Investor Centric Private Funding

Introducing our new Fix and Flip flex rate! At ROGP CAPITAL, we have an extensive hands-on experience in Fix and Flip, ground-up development, construction lending, and management. Our expert team works closely with borrowers to ensure swift internal cost evaluations and timely project completion while keeping you within budget. Trust us to take care of your project needs!

✔️ Up to 90% LTV
✔️100% of Renovation Budget Funding
✔️ Fix and Flip Rates starting as low as 5.49% Interest only
✔️Expedited Processing
✔️12 -36 month term –No prepay penalty –No exit fee
✔️Lite doc

Let’s discuss funding your next investment project.

Investor Rental Loans

Are you looking for operating capital to invest in more rental properties? Look no further! Our fast and affordable funding options will help you get back on track or build your portfolio before rates go up. The past couple of years have been tough for investors in certain markets nationwide, but with us, you can get the financial help you need to succeed. Take a look at our rental portfolio commercial or SFH loans and get started on your journey to real estate domination!

  • ☛ 1-4 Units & 5+ Units
  • ☛Funding available in 48 States
  • ☛SFH, Multi-Family, and Commercial
  • ☛Loan amounts from $150K to $75MM
  • ☛Light doc program
  • ☛Up to 90% LTV
  • ☛75% Cashouts
  • ☛600 minimum credit score
  • ☛Asset-Based Funding
  • ☛Competitive rates
  • ☛12-36 Months * 5/1 ARM * 7/1 ARM * 30 Year Fixed or Interest Only
  • ☛Quick closings
  • ☛No Junk fees

Recapitalize Your Portfolio

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Ground Up Construction

development project

"Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" Ground-up is the new Fix & Flip!!

ROGP Capital’s leadership boasts extensive firsthand experience as developers, ground-up construction lenders, and managers. Our team collaborates closely with borrowers to conduct swift internal cost reviews and expedite draws, ensuring your project stays on schedule and budget.

As direct private lenders, we offer a straightforward financing solution designed to originate, underwrite, and fund loans rapidly, efficiently, and dependably across the nation, empowering developers and investors alike.

✔️Over $350K Generally up to 90% LTV 
✔️Up to 75% ARV 
✔️ Interest Only on Deployed Capital
✔️6-36 month terms –No exit fee
*Exceptions may be granted on a deal-by-deal basis.

Let’s discuss funding your next investment ground-up development property.

Bridge Loans

Our commercial lending programs provide prompt efficient financing for serious investors. The program targets

  • Multi-family
  • Residential
  • Industrial & Office
  • Retail & Mix Use

…with limited or no cash-flow and construction is needed. Our flexible structure allows us to tailor a loan to your specific investment.

  • Loan Amounts $1M-$150M
  • 100% Construction
  • Competitive rates
  • Terms up to 36 months
  • Asset-Based Funding
  • Interest Only
  • No Junk fee

Recapitalize Your Portfolio

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Portfolio Buyout

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SFH, Multifamily & Commercial
Buyout Program

Our commercial portfolio buyout program provides prompt efficient financing for savvy investors. The program targets:

  • SFH Rental Property Bundles
  • Multi-family
  • Commercial Residential
  • Industrial & Office
  • Retail & Mix Use

 Our flexible structure allows us to tailor a loan to your specific investment.

  • Loan Amounts $1M-$225M+
  • Competitive rates
  • Variety of attractive  Terms
  • Quick turnaround

Up to $5MM
Per Transaction

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Transactional Funding for Closing Deals Today

No cash for flips? No problem. Want to close more deals and skyrocket profits? Try transactional funding! This short-term loan is used by savvy real estate investors to facilitate ABC or double-closing deals – a game-changing strategy usually leveraged by industry-leading wholesalers.
At ROGP Capital, our signature funding type provides the critical capital needed to perform a double closing. That means you can buy and sell the same property in one day without using any of your own money.
Our streamlined process makes it easy to get started. You just need a signed seller contract and signed end buyer contract that are still valid. Don’t let a lack of cash hold you back from your real estate investment goals. ROGP Capital has got your back!

Funding Features:

  • Close in as little as 7 days
  • Funds Up to $5MM
  • Deal Based Funding
  • Not Credit Based
  • Both Closings at Once
  • Get Paid At The Closing Table
  • Proof of funds Available 

Fast, Flexible & Reliable

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All loans made through ROGP Capital and its organized entities. ROGP Capital entities are not Members of the FDIC. The actual rate of each loan depends upon 9 factors including credit score, loan-to-value ratio, lien position, property location, property occupancy, development phase, track record, borrower’s experience, and guarantees. This depiction is a summary of the processes for obtaining a loan. ROGP Capital is a crowd funding platform open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. Loans may be offered privately or publicly. Investors do not invest directly into any of the loans. Investors purchase Borrower Dependent Notes from ROGP Capital Individual borrowers must be either a US citizen or permanent resident and at least 18 years old. Valid bank account and social security number/FEIN are required. All loans are subject to credit review and approval. All loans will be recorded as liens against the subject properties and the borrowers, as collateral. The liens associated to these loans will be satisfied upon the repayment of the entire loan and any outstanding interest then due and payable.

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